Roland V160

A new release for Hybrid event switching. This new switcher is capable of handing audio input, up to 8 cameras or video sources, can store stills onboard, and is able to do up to four cropped picture-in-picture windows with motion backgrounds.

My current go-to with he switcher is to utilize the picture-in-picture features to close the gap between guests speaking on stage when social distancing – especially for IMAG (image magnification) or Broadcast purposes.

Using PIPs in such a manner allows for better use of screen real estate when using a small number of cameras. It is possible to crop multiple PIP’s from the same camera, or use a different camera for each window.

The major benefit of broadcasting this way, over using a software based switcher system such as Vmix or Wirecast, or even a Tricaster, is that the processing is always on-demand. There are no windows updates, or PC based issues to deal with. The system can be deployed anywhere, can operate off batteries, and connects externally to dedicated recorders, and cellular bonded streaming encoders.

What this all means, is that each device is purpose built for a specific task, and has far greater reliability than an all-in-one system. It also allows for additional failovers be put in place if required.

Best of all, it does it with negligible latency, and all the effects can be used in-room on a large format display or projector without making for a poor experience.

See below for some images of the unit in-action.

This unit is available as a part of packages, as well as a-la-carte dry rentals.

Training can be provided as well on the unit.

a JazzYYC Hosted event at the Calgary Public Library discussing issues facing women in the music industry and women in Jazz.