Video Project – Covid Album Recording with the Angela Wrigley Trio at OCL Studios

The AWT group was one of the first to take on recording in the studio during the pandemic here in Calgary,

It was just a couple days before going into the studio that I got a call, “Hey Steph, I have band I’m working with, they’re headed into the studio this week, are you available to capture some content?”

Most might consider taking on projects that involve in person interactions at that time pretty risky. But the band had been cohorting for some time even prior to setting off for the studio. In addition, the layout of the studio and the rural setting probably made it one of the better places to be during the ‘middle’ of the Covid-19 process.

I say middle loosely, as it appears the covid-life is here to stay for some time yet, but by the way thing have been here in Alberta, it would appear that for many, it’s returned to business as usual. Music is back in full swing, with various groups and venues handling risk differently – based on their own risk assessment and experiences. 

The following write up will focus mostly on the technical.

We provided a single camera operator with kit, which consisted of an FS700U capable of recording in 4K, we brought along a pair of silent Fiilex P360 LED lights with incredibly high colour rendering for such a small light set. We used the local microphones available – being a studio as it was – taking a feed off the Neve sound console that was there. For the interviews we used a Neumann KM 184 overhead on a boom pole, mounted on a lighting stand for stability. 

We were given a set of questions covering the sort of topics we wished to cover content wise for documenting the album release, and the camera operator assisted in guiding and directing the content via a general scope. 

We handed off the footage to a skilled editor who sorted through the material to create a finished story as we see here below.

Thank you AWT, & OCL for including me in your adventure that day.