FarmTech Conference 2017

An All Canadian Agricultural Conference

FarmTech has been a learning process for all of us. We have seen it grow from a little tradeshow and plenary on the floor of an ice rink, to a massive and engaging agricultural convention. This here is a bit of documentation covering 2017’s event.

Client: FarmTech Foundation
Date: January 30, 2017
Services: Graphic Design, Photography, Motion Graphics, Digital Signage, Event App Management, Website Content Management, Onsite Technical Services


Momentous Group provided contextual, and dynamic design elements covering; print signage, digital signage, sponsor visibility though creative motion graphics, simple logo projections, and ultra widescreen photography.


Working with the FarmTech team, and Kristine Kandace Events has always been a pleasure.

But what was different about 2017?

2017 was special for me, for FarmTech. It was the first year where in which no photographic materials put to screen were from stock. They were all original photos taken by Stephan Duguay from the agricultural landscapes that Alberta is so blessed to have so much of.

It was also the first year to use a cloud based digital signage solution whereby we could use an ChromeOS, Windows, OSX, or Android device to display real-time weather data, scheduled videos, and graphics to run at specific times.

One application was to show session and biography information for breakout sessions. During breaks it was possible to place wayfinding information on screen so our attendees can find their way to the next session.