42″ Digital Display Lectern

Step up your stage design!

Client: Momentous Group Inc.
Date: January 31, 2014

A custom built one of a kind lectern.

Originally built for a specific conference, to create a unique set piece that fit with the audiovisual theme of the time. Since then, it has been a front and centre piece on many shows and presentations.

This lectern lends a corporate friendly flavour of black formica built on a solid steel frame with the best available birch supporting it underneath.  Mounted to it is a high quality commercial signage grade NEC V423 IPS screen that represents colours well at all angles, so no one in the audience is left out from a proper experience.

It comes with adjustable feet on the bottom for leveling the unit when onstage, the weight of the unit makes it more difficult to move than typical stage-use lecterns, however we feel the benifits outweight the inconvenience. the unit doesn’t shake, bounce, or otherwise contribue unwanted acoustic energy back to the microphones from regular handling during a show, and the large surface area has been complimented by many who have stood behind it.

For additional AV convenience, it has a powerbar and a dual 1/4″ to XLR – DI built in.

A Dynamic Display

A 42″ display adds the option to create dynamic motion content to support your event.

Anything from a simple logo with a motion background, to dynamic life names or titles dynamically changing with your show.

It’s an excellent canvas for your ideas.

Create content in PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, ProPresenter, Keynote, or even use scheduled signage solutions like screen.cloud .